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CCNA Training in Noida

About Times


An initiative Professional Learning for working professionals who are keen to sharpen their skills by adding value to their work for a more profitable profession.

TSW’s desire you excellence and a preliminary plan for a project. “Executive Education Empowers” works together like hand in hand with the organization’s aim to impart knowledge to business professionals nationwide. For Professional workers, the team of Times TWS is conducting many courses for their development and successful career by providing professional learning. The aim of the business learner should fulfill through knowledgeable collaborations.

Our team helps you to build your core values like- the speed with Execution Excellence, Learner Centricity, Integrity, Innovation Culture, Endurining Engagement, etc. After your professional learning, you can gear up to deliver the requirements of the dynamic industry. By providing you this learning our aim to make to Professional workers because your success is our success in life by which you able to achieve your life’s goals.

The heady opportunities available in a high growth economy amidst global technological disruption encourage business leaders to craft and execute business strategies for sustained growth. Growth, however, poses several challenges and successful management of growth strategies require careful crafting by managers. Rapid growth often introduces novel complexities in organizations. New forms and modes of coordination of work, processes and practices are needed to be designed and managed. This programme is aimed at addressing such concerns so that managers can make more deliberated choices around options of growth.

The inputs in this programme have been designed with a strategy eye, and a ‘general management’ focus. It will deal explicitly with issues of power, control and governance, including designing of such systems as to enable the realization of desired control. Managing and designing the internal systems and environment of the organization as well as designing inter-organizational cooperation and coordination arrangements will be major focus areas of the programme. Managing growth is not only an economic question of organizational financial performance, but extends far beyond into managing identities, aspirations, expectations of various stakeholders around an organization.

Learning Outcomes
Developing a strategic perspective on aspiring for and executing organizational growth
Understanding strategic dimensions of growth – especially appreciating differences between conflicts, contests and cooperation underlying growth processes
Learning to design organizations that are resilient to complexities induced by growth processes
Appreciating various forms of inter-organizational cooperation underlying rapid growth processes
Appreciating the softer dimensions of growth – managing identities and aspirations


Working executives who are graduates (10+2+3 or equivalent)/post graduates in any discipline with minimum 50% marks, with an experience profile of at least 10 years after graduation are eligible.

Eligible candidates will be selected on the basis of assessment of educational and professional background and motivation based on the application form submitted. Some of the applicants may be asked to appear for a Skype-based interview. Senior applicants with experience would be preferred.

Ideal For

Senior and middle level managers and profit centre heads would find the programme particularly useful. Working professionals wishing to participate in the programme need to have a minimum experience of 10 years. Managers with longer and broader experience would benefit more from the programme.

Eligible candidates will be selected on the basis of assessment of educational and professional background and motivation based on the application form submitted. Senior applicants with experience would be preferred.

The Indian healthcare sector is growing at a tremendous pace and is projected to become a US$ 280 billion industry by 2020. IIM Calcutta’s PGCHM programme aims to address the specific needs of aspiring healthcare practitioners and administrators by offering a combination of academic modules in the broad field of management, and hands-on practical experience by way of Industry Immersion Programme (IIP). PGCHM is designed in particular to impart cutting edge management education to variously trained healthcare professionals

Programme objectives
Developing interdisciplinary orientation towards healthcare management
Delivering customised management education to healthcare professionals
Training participants in managerial leadership
Familiarising participants with innovation and entrepreneurship in the healthcare sector
Sensitising participants with macro policy in the national and global context
Inculcating comparative framework in relation to healthcare challenges of developing countries

Programme Highlights:
One-of-its-kind, one-year full time residential programme
Academic modules plus industry immersion programme
Blend of lectures, case studies and assignments
IIM Calcutta certification with Alumni status

Executive Programme in Business Analytics (EPBA)

The use of business analytics has grown exponentially in all areas including financial services, healthcare, government, retail, e-commerce, media, manufacturing, and the service industry. This has led to an increase in the demand for employees with an analytical approach and who can utilise data, understand statistical and quantitative models and are able to make data-driven business decisions. The Executive Programme in Business Analytics by IIM Lucknow is designed to give participants a comprehensive understanding of the approaches and methods involved with a proven pedagogy and delivered Direct-to-Device (D2D) on the participant’s desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Programme Highlights:
11-month intensive programme with 2 campus immersions of 3 days each at IIM Lucknow
Live interactive instruction sessions delivered by expert faculty from IIM Lucknow
Direct-to-Device (D2D) programme accessed by smart phone/tablet/laptop/desktop
Action Learning Project on a new developmental or problem-solving initiative
Peer-Learning and networking opportunity facilitating exchange of perspectives and ideas
IIM Lucknow Management Development Programme (MDP) certification and alumni status

In-Campus Component
The six days with 2 campus immersions module provides participants an orientation towards case based learning, foundation to analytical thinking and orients them to the learning culture of IIM Lucknow apart from discussions on contemporary issues in management practice and trends in the industry and business.

IIM Kozhikode Executive Management Development Programme in Project Management

A project is a unique, transient endeavour, undertaken to achieve planned objectives, which could be defined in terms of outputs, outcomes or benefits. A project is deemed to be a success if it achieves predetermined objectives within an agreed timescale and budget.

Project management, then, is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements. A project management professional needs a wide range of skills; often technical skills, and certainly people management skills and good business awareness.

The Project Management programme is offered as an eMDP (executive Management Development Programme) by Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (IIM-K) delivered via an online Interactive Learning platform and broadcast directly to the participant’s device (Desktop/Laptop/Tablet/Smartphone)

Regardless of industry type and size, it is essential for companies to leverage project management capability into a competitive advantage. The non-repetitive, irreversible nature of projects and the huge capital investments involved, makes the knowledge of scientific and advanced project management skills mission-critical. This programme is designed to impart necessary skills in managing large projects in different domains ranging from Construction to IT.


Graduation in any discipline and relevant work experience of minimum 3 years in project domain after graduation.

Programme Highlights

Comprehensive curriculum designed to equip project managers with global best practices in Project Management
Hands-on experience of MS project software
Real-life case studies drawn from Indian and multinational companies from multiple industry verticals
Encourages participants to be proactive during discussion to enhance their scope of understanding Knowledge resources and capability building to link operations to strategy/finances

Ideal For

Project managers and leaders with work experience in a project environment
Mid and senior level executives responsible for managing change and new initiatives
Professionals working on projects in various capacities
Employees aspiring for senior roles in project execution
Professionals shifting or aspiring to take project management roles in future

Key Learning Outcomes
1Understanding the principles, processes, different tools and techniques of project management.
2Real-time work experience during the program. Participants would be introduced to real-life cases drawn from Indian and international companies across multiple domains.
3Learn how to leverage the acquired knowledge in real world environment.

Programme Modules
Introduction to Project Management
Projects in R&D Environments
Project Life Cycle Management
Project Selection & Formulation
Project Financial Appraisal
Market Appraisal
Project Organization Team
Enhancing Project Leadership
Project Time & Cost Estimation
Developing Project Plans
Working with MS Project
Scheduling Project Resources
Project Risk Management
Critical Chain Project Management
Project Progress & Performance Management
Negotiation & Conflict Management
Project Stakeholder Management
Project Control Systems
Project Procurement Management
Project Quality Management
Adaptive & Agile Project Management
Software Project Management
International Project Management
Project Audit & Closure
Project Management with IR 4.0

The success of today’s business today depends on people. Not products or services, not strategy; but people. Talent acquisition is a critical organisational function concerned with recruitment, selection and retention of human resources. An organisation’s employee acquisition strategy is expected to ensure the right workforce working at the right place, right time. To ensure this, the organisation needs to be clear about what are the most critical skills and attributes needed in its applicant pool which must be consistent with the job requirements and the organisation’s approach to its market. Organisations should screen primarily on important attributes that differentiate the applicant from others in the pool.

Talent acquisition professionals face critical skill gaps and in today’s hyper-competitive and digitally-disruptive markets, the job becomes more challenging. The Executive Development Programme in Talent Acquisition is designed for working executives with little or no formal learning in talent acquisition, but whose professional responsibilities include hiring employees for their organisation.

Who Can Attend
This program is designed for working executives with little or no formal learning in talent acquisition, but whose professional responsibilities include hiring employees for their organisation.
Only graduates with minimum one year of experience as on application close date, may apply.
Admission at the sole discretion of the Programme Director
Programme Highlights
Live interactive instruction sessions delivered by expert faculty from XLRI Jamshedpur
Direct-to-Device (D2D) programme accessed by smart phone/tablet/laptop/desktop
Concepts explained using real life examples
Hands-on-experience project and peer-based learning & networking
Present insights relevant to participant’s workplace via live projects
Programme Currliculum:
Talent acquisition and talent management
Job analysis in human resource selection
Incorporating job analysis results in selection measures
Competency –Based Recruitment and Selection
Selection interview
Ability tests
Personality tests
Performance test
Strategies for selection decision making
Retention Management


The senior management’s role is to keep a team focused and motivated. This would require skills related to effective communication including: strategy, negotiation, abilities to influence team behavior and manage team results. It is crucial for a senior manager to possess a right blend of soft skills and a strategic mindset. This skillset enables him/her to achieve specific performance outcomes in an organization. The PGCSL Program offers critical skills to an individual enabling him to attain success for his organization.

Who Can Attend
Senior managers and business leaders looking forward to organizational and personal growth
Graduates/Post Graduates with 10 + years of managerial experience and aspiring to be: functional head

Alumni Status Benefits from XLRI
Time to time update on Programme related information and newsletters.
Lifelong access to XLRI Alumni network with updates of alumni events.
Onsite access of XLRI library.
Discount on different programmes offered through VIL platform as per the institute norms.

Key Benefits
Campus Immersion
Campus Immersion will be a great opportunity for you to familiarise with the faculty. It should help develop positive connections. It will also include direct coaching and lay foundation for key aspects of the programme i.e. Training Assessment

Personalized Coaching
Through a personal guidance approach and series of workshops, lectures and assignments – the programme will enable development of a unique leadership style that helps you lead personal and professional transformation. The XLRI faculty will help you build foundational skills to strengthen people management, strategy implementation and expanding on personal strengths.

Live Project

Final Leg of the programme will consist of a Live Project which will have you work on solving an organizational problem from your experience. Here we will use Strategic Thinking to find challenges and opportunities in the workplace and implementing solutions to improve mindsets of employees and sustaining transformation. Continuous evaluation by faculty and series of interactions will ensure support and important takeaway points at each step of the module.

  • Exceptional opportunity for both personal and professional growth
  • Set the direction of your business and develop an overarching corporate strategy
  • Boost your personal leadership skills and accelerate your role in building and leading a high-performing organization.
  • Improve your analytical and decision-making skills in order to resolve disputes
  • Understanding the current industrial scenario and transforming operational capabilities into a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Rigorous program structure with assessments
  • Case studies, Simulations and Role play
  • Alumni membership of XLRI present globally

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