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“Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves.” — Tim Berners-Lee.

All this while we have been hearing buzz about Data Science. It isn’t as new as we expect it is, it’s been around for over decades. The time with data is dynamic and currently it is defining new era of numbers.

Let us read more about the evolution of Data science. The term, “Data Science” was introduced in 2001 by William S. Cleveland but the popularity started a couple of years later. It was the time when the “dot-com” business started, when hard drives were cheap and people bought them to store large amount of data. Little did they know they would be requiring even larger data sets for storage in future. Then came the air of Cloud Computing by Industry giants like Google and Amazon. We still do not have an idea as how big Data science industry is going to be in future but it sure has a lot to give us.

Is Data Science providing one of the most wanted jobs today?

With the speedy and constant evolution of data science technology and tools, one should realise that the technology can keep changing with time. To stay pace with the ever-evolving world one should keep a detailed eye on the developing career trends. Data science won’t be going anywhere for at least a decade. Moreover, there is a shortage of talent and the demand for data scientist still increasing.

Ignoring this technology can be a loss. The rate with which companies are looking forward to expand and scale up their businesses, it has become an essential need for industries to hire efficient and talented candidates. Successful startups like AirBnB, Uber, Mu Sigma, etc uses data science models for their businesses and also look forward for insights towards future investments. Even Mobile Banks introduced by PayTM used Data Science at its core during the introduction of their service.

We can notice that Data Science has a good scope in present as well as future and with the increasing demand for more and more talented individuals, one must prepare themselves for pursuing a career in this area. At Training Basket, we make sure that you get prepared with all the prerequisites knowledge of Python and other related technologies that are needed for learning Data Science. Join Now and upgrade your IT Skills. Don’t follow the crowd, create your own crowd.

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