If you are a computer savvy then you might be knowing that some coding stuff is going on behind the scene to bring something interesting on the screen. This coding stuff is the language of the computer, and there are many, like- C, C++, Java, GO, SWIFT etc. But among all Python is the most popular language. It is in high demand and most wanted, not because any survey says this but because it follows a rule ‘Simple living, High Thinking ‘. I am sure it will raise your eyebrows. So here I explain you how?

# SIMPLE STRUCTURE- Of course no one would ever like to do tedious tasks when you have the simple and hassle free way to do that. So the same thing is here with Python. Its structure and syntax is so simple that any program can be developed with the simple coding.

#LIBRARY SUPPORT- Python is very popular for its inbuilt library support with powerful features. So with the help of it any web program with specialized features can be developed.

#PRODUCTIVE AND TIME SAVER- If you are a developer or a customer, in either case you will try to save time. Python does that for you. The time taken by Python to develop an app is very less as compared to other languages. We can say the ratio of time taken by Python to time taken by other languages is 1:3.

#OBJECT ORIENTED- This means that for the same feature, no need to rewrite the code again. The previously used code can be used here.

#COMMUNITY SUPPORT- Thanks to its vast community support which will help you fix your problem. If you are stuck amidst, it is here to find error and help you out.

This is not all, here is more but in general we can say it is very easy and simple language which gives qualitatively high results.


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