Why Learn Java?

  • It is an open source and platform independent programming language that can be easily used by everyone across all platforms.
  • It provides easy to use and access Application Programming Interfaces hence making it easy for developers.
  • Memory management in Java is comparatively easier in comparison to others as it collectively supports garbage collection
  • All kinds of dynamic web applications can be easily developed using JAVA.
  • Java offers multiple platform support and allows generation of reusable codes.

Career Outlook of Java :

Various leading companies and technology giants have their gates open for Java developers and certified individuals. A lot of software firms have inclined themselves towards Java for developing enterprise applications. Individuals having expertise and relevant experience in JAVA technology land up with highly paid jobs. Few of the possible roles are as Software Developer, Web Programmer, Application Developer, Web Developer etc. Those who have aced relevant certifications in Java can easily reach the top positions and profiles in MNCs. Java technology promises attractive career and salary hikes. Career in Java is hence very rewarding and profitable.