Q1 Is RIP v2 is link state protocol?

No, it is distance vector protocol


Q2 .At which layer SIP protocol work?

SIP work at Application layer of OSI.


Q3.Which protocol does RIP use to transport data?



Q4.At which layer of internet protocol suite, ICMP work?

It works at internet layer


Q5 .Home many types of RIP messages?

There are two type of RIP messages, these are request and respond.


Q6.At which layer HUB work?

Hub works at physical layer.


Q7.What is the purpose or HTTP protocol?

It is used to transfer data or files over internet.

Q8.What does DNS do in a network?

DNS is domain name server. It is used to translate IP into domain name and vice versa

Q9What QoS parameters are required to transfers credential file from one source to a destination?

The main QoS parameters required is Bandwidth and Data loss.


Q10 What is voice circuit?

It is specially used for voip only because it have ports enable on it which allow voip traffic


Q11 What is a load balancer?

It is a network device which is used to balance the load in on available nodes.