LinguaSoft’s contribution in making PTE Academic test preparation easy

Numerous students prepare for PTE Academic but not all of them are able to get the scores they are looking for.  The problem is with their preparation and lack of information about the format of the test and right techniques. Understanding the challenging requirements of the PTE Academic test and to provide students enhanced the learning experience, LinguaSoft EduTech has developedOnline PTE Academic coursewhich contains 12 live tests for all modules of the test. LinguaSoft EduTech has developed a comprehensive range of advanced e-learning English language and test preparation courses that can help students enhance their language skills and develop confidence.

Impressive features of LinguaSoft’s online PTE course

We have always admired the power of technology and making use of the cutting-edge technology, we have strived to provide students advanced learning experience.  We have carefully designed and developed Online PTE Academic Course keeping the student’s needs in mind. Our comprehensive PTE Academic course provides students real exam environment.  Our PTE Academic course help students understand the format of the test and take them through all the sections (reading, writing, listening and writing) of the test.  If you are wondering how our online PTE Academic course is going to help you, then let us explain it to you in detail.

  • 12 live tests: – Our online PTE Academic Course contains 12 live tests for reading, writing, speaking and listening modules of the PTE test. We are also offering one sample test absolutely free of cost.  Students can use demo test free of cost but would require paying to practice other 48 tests (12 of each module).    We are offering attractive and pocket-friendly plans that can easily fit well into one’s budget.  To know more about our plans, click here. 
  • Convenient: – Another impressive feature of our PTE Academic course is, it is convenient. Students can practice the tests according to their own convenience of time and place on any smart device with internet connection.   Our online PTE Academic course is accessible everywhere. Even the person sitting in the remotest corner of the world can easily access it.
  • Performance Review: – After students have attempted the test, they can review their performance and consequently can improve their weak areas. If you choose to buy online teaching support along with PTE Academic course, you will get complete assistance and guidance from one of our PTE experts.  You can clear your doubts or queries from our PTE experts, who will be available to help you out with your doubts.
  • Real Test Experience: – As mentioned above, there are total 48 tests and 12 tests of each module. We have covered all the modules of the test. Students can attempt the tests and evaluate their performance.   Students learn to manage their time effectively which proves useful when they are giving the real PTE test.
  • Attractive Plans: – Every student who is preparing for PTE test would require registering for the PTE test.  To make it even more economical for the PTE students, we are offering PTE test registration vouchers along with free 48 tests.  Isn’t amazing?  You can reap dual benefits by utilizing this attractive offer.

Benefits of LinguaSoft’s online PTE academic course

  • Students who are preparing for PTE academic test can benefit from our online PTE Academic course. Those who are interested can buy our 12 practice tests by registering themselves on our website.
  • Our PTE Academic course is very easy to use. You do not require additional training and support on how to use our online PTEA course, but it will itself take you through various steps.
  • Students get real test experience.  We have developed our Online PTE Academic Course keeping the testing conditions and student needs in mind.
  • Students can review their performance and address the weaker sections.  They learn to manage their time effectively, which is crucial for the PTEA test.
  • We provide our students top-notch online support. Students can ask our experienced and highly knowledgeable PTE experts, their doubts or questions and they will answer them all online.

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