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At Training Basket, we help freshers and working professionals around the world acquire skills needed to succeed in today’s digital economy.

We offer training programs for certifications in some of the highest-paying industries of today, based on the evidence that professionals with our certifications are more likely to receive a pay raise and also receive a promotion.

Our courses offer learners access to high-quality classroom training from some of the foremost experts in the industry , quizzes, capstone projects and case studies.

We’re pleased to announce the launch of JobBasket, our new placement service.

JobBasket is applicable on

Diploma Program

  • Training Basket Cloud Expert Level Program
  • Training Basket Networking Expert Level Program
  • Training Basket Linux Expert Level Program
  • AWS DevOps Architect Masters Program
  • Training Basket ITMS Associate Level Program
  • Software Engineer Diploma Program

Modular Classroom Courses

  • Microsoft Server 2012 Certification Training
  • JAVA Certification Training
  • CCNA Certification Training
  • AWS Certification Training
  • Web Development Certification Training
  • DevOps Certification Training Course


What is JobBasket?
JobBasket is a job providing service that is offered to our trainees where the eligible candidates can upload their Resume which will be forwarded to Companies with relevant job openings.
Am I eligible for JobBasket?
JobBasket will be applicable to you post course completion for following courses .

Diploma Program

Diploma Program Modular Classroom Courses
Training Basket Cloud Expert Level Program Microsoft Server 2012/2016 Certification Training
Training Basket Networking Expert Level Program JAVA Certification Training
Training Basket Linux Expert Level Program CCNA Certification Training
AWS DevOps Architect Masters Program AWS Certification Training
Training Basket ITMS Associate Level Program Web Development certification Training
Software Engineer Diploma Program DevOps Certification Training Course

You will also have to submit all your projects as prescribed by the course. Apart from this you will also need a minimum final assessment score of 80%. The service will then be available to you for a period of 12 months.

How do I apply?
It’s simple! All you need to do is hit the ‘Submit’ button and fill in all your details.
Which companies can I get placed in?
Job Hiring is a dynamic process. If the job requirement matches with the candidate’s resume, it will be forwarded to the company and the candidate will receive a notification regarding the same. We have tie-ups with the top companies, ranging from large enterprises to top-ranking startups. Your resume will be sent to them.
I have already completed one of the courses that JobBasket is applicable on. Can I apply?
Yes, if your profile meets the eligibility criteria, you can apply right away.
What is the timeline for JobBasket? By when can I expect interview calls?
JobBasket will be available to you three months from the purchase of the course for the next 12 months or till you accept an offer, whichever is earlier. We commit to sharing your resume with the top companies around the world. However, we make no promises of interview calls which are subject to respective companies’ decisions and fluctuating job role requirements.
Does Training Basket guarantee a job? Does Training Basket guarantee interview calls?
Unfortunately no. We do not guarantee job interviews or final job offers. However, we do commit that your resume will be forwarded by us to multiple hiring companies.
What is the minimum experience required to be part of this program?
There is no such experience criteria for this program.
Where will I be placed and will this program target all locations?
We will definitely try our best to look for opportunities in your preferred locations. But, we cannot assure that all opportunities will be from the desired location.
Which domain will I be placed?
You will be placed in the domain that is in line with your certification and training.
How will my profile get shortlisted?
Your profile will be shortlisted based on the performance and requirement parameters as stated by the hiring company.
What is the fee to enroll for JobBasket?
JobBasket is a value added service extended to our trainees. There is no separate fee chargeable to our trainees.
Can I turn down a job offer from the JobBasket program?
Yes, you can turn down a job that does not match your requirements. But that will also mean that you will not be able to claim our JobBasket services any longer.