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“The need of the hour is to expand and to develop a “”Training Basket Chain””. We are looking for expansion in all the zones, North, South, East and West. Training Basket is also looking for master franchisees and developing its Regional offices in all these zones.

Training Basket offers exclusive rights for the city, district, state and once he/she meets the selection criteria, the person is presented with exclusive rights for the city, district, state.

Becoming a franchise partner is all about developing clones of a successfully running Training Basket . Training Basket in association with Red-Hat certified business partner  has been in the market for past 5 years and has been ruling the IT – Training industry of Noida since then. The most difficult part of franchising is that franchises Partner are not able to take care of day-to-day operations which often leads to minor or major crisis, hampering the success. Training Basket  well maintains a 360 degree view to ensure a successful trajectory of the franchise partner.”

Training Basket  presents shall provide one of the most organised and efficient franchisee business models. The franchisees report to the regional offices, alongside to the corporate office. We craft various business management solutions to ensure smooth functioning of the franchisees. We work towards lead generation, curriculum management and most importantly revenue generation. The corporate office organises various promotional campaigns to drive in more leads to the franchisees. We share various branding and marketing communication collaterals to the franchisees as a part of our marketing support activity. As a part of our ongoing operational support, trainers are sent from the corporate office to our franchisees to train the trainers. This training includes imparting knowledge on new technology areas and re-skilling of knowledge on existing technology.

Why become a Training Basket Franchise Partner


By becoming a franchise partner you become a business partner with Training Basket and Red Hat authorized partner . There is a huge demand for IT-trained people around the globe in this era of fast growth and technology advancements. With growing gap between Education and Employability Quotient, industrial oriented education could act as a bridge in any given economy. Developed and developing nations equally face the talent crunch and thus there is a huge demand for vocational industrial  training that is being provided by Training Basket. Apart from developing the much needed skilled workforce that would be qualified and trained in Live-Project based technologies, you would also be able to generate revenue for your organisation as well as benefit from effective returns for your investment.

The systems and processes followed religiously by Training Basket  have ensured that Training Basket’s Franchise partner will be able to leverage on the demand for real-time IT skills and convert the opportunity into a profitable business. For Businessmen who want a safe business opportunity as well as respect in the society, Training Basket Franchise Partner  is an ideal proposition. This is because apart from the profit, businessmen stand to gain respect due to their role in developing and nurturing a skilled human resource pool in the country and for guiding the careers of many youth in the IT Industry.

Franchise selection criteria:

  • Franchise should not be more than 55 years of age.
  • Franchise should understand the Education business and the importance of quality in training.
  • Franchise should also understand the importance of Advertising and Marketing and should be able to work on guidelines given by Training Basket.
  • Alongside, Training Basket does a thorough check on the Franchise’s background.

Once Training Basket management is certain and convinced with the franchise’s caliber and capabilities, the organization works upon a road map from signing the deal to the launch of the centre, that takes about 2 months time.

Training Basket provides all the guidelines, manuals, layout plans, stationary, study, advertising and publicity material & also supports a franchise center by providing an exclusive Master Trainer for 30 days who ensures proper running of the center in terms of Counselling, Admissions, Trainings. Continuous and regular follow up is carried out by the Admin-team during this entire tenure. The renewal depends on the performance of the franchise for the next term.


  • Provisioning of necessary investments
  • Providing Premises with fully equipped training facilities
  • Providing recommended Infrastructure (Hardware & Software)
  • Procuring all statutory approvals from the relevant authorities in the Govt
  • Setting up highly talented local team for execution of business plan
  • Achieving business goals, revenue targets and gross margins
  • Operating and running Centre Of Excellence

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