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The field of technology is speedily advancing and we have seen an exponential growth in the last couple of years. Gone are those days where we had to manually manage all our work. With automation taking up a huge leap, everything can be done with just a click on our computers and other machines.

This advancement in technology is giving the youths a great chance of kick starting their career with a bang. There are numerous options which one can opt to build a secure and exciting career. Huge competitions among freshers are directing them to do something out of the box to be recognized in the market and to stand out in the crowd.

Talking of technology, the most interesting and influencing one these days is the concept of Cloud Computing. It has become one of those disruptive technologies which is creating a new market and value chain. Cloud is everywhere, in businesses, be it small or big, in industries, in fields of education, it has developed a never exhausting presence in every field. And why not, after all it has provided big time solutions to everyone. It is creating new market leaders in the world.

Few of the many advantages of Cloud Computing are listed below :

  • Capturing unlimited resources. Cloud had provided us solutions to store as many resources and data as we wish to without being dependent on our local machines, hence keeping our local devices clean, nice and clear, with all data being stored on cloud.
  • Anytime, anywhere and on-demand access of data and resources. Cloud offers us access to data anywhere, whether we are sitting at our home, or travelling somewhere. We can use, see, access, edit/copy/paste and share our data anytime according to our demands and needs. This turns out to be an advantage for all of us.
  • It is very much cost effective as it offers us pay-per-use services. We do not really know how much space we need to store our data neither can we calculate the same. It grows as our industry and our needs grow. Thus, cloud has this pay per use service where we pay for as much space we use. Also, it extends the services whenever we require according to our needs. So, who wouldn’t want to use such services.
  • Another very useful advantage of cloud is that it is totally hardware independent. These days one cannot fully rely on the local devices and machines they use as they can break anytime with no guarantee of data recovery and replacement. With cloud being hardware independent, it gives us secure storage of our data with no fear of getting lost or damaged.
  • Maintaining it is not at all our work as it is done by the service provider. So, we just need to sit back and enjoy the services they offer with no tension of any maintenance or operational costs to bear. Along with this,it also provides us security and privacy from all malicious invaders.

Thus, with so many advantages, why wouldn’t anyone use the services provided to them. Therefore, there are various reasons to study cloud computing at this point of time to excel in all career paths and explore infinite opportunities.


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