Cloud Computing Certifications

Cloud Computing Training Course

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a type of computer application that depends upon sharing of the hardware and software resources among several computers rather than have separate servers or devices. This technology is uses central remote servers and internet to manage applications and data. This method allows the users to use applications simultaneously without having to install them separately on their systems. Businesses and industries use this technology to increase their efficiency of computing, processing and centralizing the data storage and bandwidth. Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo mail are a few examples of cloud computing.

Cloud Computing Training

Cloud computing professionals are supposed to assist IT departments and handle relevant issues in huge companies that use large servers and network. There is a lot of scope for development and progress in this profession and especially in IT companies. If you are aiming at a respectable middle level or senior level position with any of the huge MNCs or companies catering to IT Cloud Computing course is the best for you.

Scope after Completing Cloud Computing Course

At Training basket, we will help you in deciphering the buzz of the era – A+, N+, CCNA, CCNP, MCSA, MCSE, Hybrid cloud, DevOps, virtualization, AWS, and CITRIX XEN SERVER. We help you with not just a certification but a great career. After completing courses in Cloud computing, you can join any company as a Cloud Specialist, Virtualization Expert, Cloud Security Professional, Cloud Administrator, Private Cloud specialist, Cloud computing consultant and more.

Requirements for Cloud Computing Courses

Anyone with basic computer knowledge and internet can join the basic certification course in Cloud Computing. Those with knowledge in Basic Networking and Computer hardware can opt for the intermediate and advanced level courses in Cloud computing.

Benefits Offered by Training Basket

Case Studies

  1. Opportunity to work for a real-time Cloud Computing project and get involved in the project phases.
  2. Hands-On lab exercises
  3. Regular tasks and practical sessions
  4. Post Course completion support
  5. Job placements with leading companies

Cloud computing courses

  • 1 year program (A+ N+ CCNA +Win 10+ MCSA+ RHCSA+ VMware+ H-Virtualization+ citrix+ AWS+ Microsoft Azure)
  • 6 months (N+ CCNA+ MCSA+ RHCSA+ VMware+ Azure / AWS solution architect)
  • 3 months (MCSA AWS Azure RHCSA+ DEVOPS / Open stack/ AWS)
  • 2 Months (MCSA 1 Module + AWS solution architect)
  • 6 Week (MCSA 1 paper / RHCSA 1 module + AWS Essential / Azure Associate)

Course Details

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