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CCNA Training in Noida

CCNA Training in Noida Delhi NCR

Course Objective

Training Basket Noida is providing the Best CCNA training in Noida. Computer networking is an ever-evolving field since technology is changing rapidly everywhere in the world. We believe that networking is a crucial stepping-stone for business professionals as well as freshers, and can be beneficial towards the growth of their career. Networking offers plenty of rewarding and profitable challenges for those who can take up technical knowledge and put it to practical use and Training Basket is the  Best CCNA institute in Noida to learn CCNA.   Training Basket is rated the Best ccna institute in Noida. Its CCNA v3 certification training includes both Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices, (ICND1) and Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices(ICND2) courses merged into one.

At Training Basket, the best CCNA training in Noida sector 62, we train candidates to install, configure, operate, and manage basic IPv4/IPv6 networks. This CCNA bootcamp on Routing & Switching course also imparts skills to configure a LAN switch and IP router, connect to WAN, and find security threats. It covers detailed learnings related to troubleshooting in enterprise networks. After CCNA Routing & Switching (R&S) v3.0 course completion, candidate acquires key skills and knowledge to configure, operate, manage and troubleshoot a medium-sized enterprise network, including the ability to ensure the security of the network.

Get Career-Maker CCNA Training at the Best CCNA Training Institute in Noida


Career-Shaping CCNA Training in Noida

Cisco Certified Network Associate certification is a basic course certification in networking using Cisco products and technologies. With this training and certification, an individual can install, configure, troubleshoot, and operate LAN, WAN and small networks in an enterprise. Training Basket can be your career-shaper, as we provide you with the best CCNA training institute in Noida where you can avail quality training in CCNA fundamentals for getting this certification. With a CCNA certification, a candidate can begin his career in computer networking.

Who Can Enroll for This Career-Forming CCNA Training
Any student or IT professional who has a basic understanding of computer networking can join the CCNA training in Noida from Training Basket.

The CCNA certifications are for a wide range of categories that include:
• Security
• Collaboration
• Cloud
• Routing & Switching
• Data Center
• Design
• Wireless

CCNA certification is beneficial to the IT aspirants and also to the employers since it is accepted globally. Adding this certification improves the chances of moving up in the hierarchy depending on the workplace. At the best CCNA training institute in Noida, the students are given proper knowledge of the domain that works wonders for their career.


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Get Trained by Industry Expert

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Guarantee to Run the Classes

Delhi NCR'S No1 IT Training Provider
Delhi NCR'S No1 IT Training Provider

Key Features

Biggest pool of Industry Experts

Certified experts with rich training experience


Real-life Case Studies

Live project based on any of the selected use cases, involving implementation of the concepts

Live Instructor-led Training

This isn’t canned learning. Its dynamic, its interactive, its effective

Dedicated Job-Portal

500+ Recruiter Connect for 100% placement assistance

Course Training Plan

Instructor-led Classroom Classes


Weekday 2nd | 9th 
Weekend 7th | 14th


Weekday 7th | 14th 
Weekend 5th | 12th


Weekday 4th | 11th 

Weekend 2nd | 9th


Weekday 2nd | 9th 
Weekend 7th | 14th

Why Choose Training Basket as Your CCNA Training Center?

Training Basket has been the pioneer in the training industry with an enviable track record of student placements. It is recognized as one of the best CCNA training institutes in Noida because it offers the students a comprehensive course module. The trained professionals guide the students not only in the course but also in the placement support and interview preparation. Our CCNA training in Noida is at par with the current industry standards. After the course completion from the best CCNA training institute in Noida, the students can always be confident of getting hired by any of the reputed organizations.

Job Prospects with CCNA Training in Noida

With a CCNA certification, an IT professional can be hired as a network engineer, network administrator, IT manager, systems administrator, IT director or a systems engineer. This CCNA certification is an associate level certification. One learns installation, management and troubleshooting the branch network in a small or medium-sized enterprise. This CCNA training in Noida from Training Basket provides a deep understanding of network processes and its fundamental networking schemes.

Training Basket gives the best CCNA training in Noida. With this, you are assured of a rise in your interview calls.

Course Details Download

Network Fundamentals
1.1 Compare and contrast OSI and TCP/IP models
1.2 Compare and contrast TCP and UDP protocols
1.3 Describe the impact of infrastructure components in an enterprise network
1.3.a Firewalls
1.3.b Access points
1.3.c Wireless controllers
1.4 Describe the effects of cloud resources on enterprise network architecture
1.4.a Traffic path to internal and external cloud services
1.4.b Virtual services
1.4.c Basic virtual network infrastructure
1.5 Compare and contrast collapsed core and three-tier architectures
1.6 Compare and contrast network topologies
1.6.a Star
1.6.b Mesh
1.6.c Hybrid
1.7 Select the appropriate cabling type based on implementation requirements
1.8 Apply troubleshooting methodologies to resolve problems
1.8.a Perform and document fault isolation
1.8.b Resolve or escalate
1.8.c Verify and monitor resolution
1.9 Configure, verify, and troubleshoot IPv4 addressing and subnetting
1.10 Compare and contrast IPv4 address types
1.10.a Unicast
1.10.b Broadcast
1.10.c Multicast
LAN Switching Technologies
2.0 LAN Switching Technologies        
2.1 Describe and verify switching concepts                
2.1.a MAC learning and aging                
2.1.b Frame switching                
2.1.c Frame flooding                
2.1.d MAC address table        
2.2 Interpret Ethernet frame format        
2.3 Troubleshoot interface and cable issues (collisions, errors, duplex, speed)        
2.4 Configure, verify, and troubleshoot VLANs (normal/extended range) spanning multiple switches               2.4.a Access ports (data and voice)              
2.4.b Default VLAN        
2.5 Configure, verify, and troubleshoot interswitch connectivity        
2.5.a Trunk ports        
2.5.b Add and remove VLANs on a trunk        
2.5.c DTP, VTP (v1&v2), and 802.1Q        
2.5.d Native VLAN  
2.6 Configure, verify, and troubleshoot STP protocols        
2.6.a STP mode (PVST+ and RPVST+)        
2.6.b STP root bridge selection
2.7 Configure, verify and troubleshoot STP related optional features        
2.7.a PortFast        
2.7.b BPDU guard        
2.8 Configure and verify Layer 2 protocols        
2.8.a Cisco Discovery Protocol
2.8.b LLDP 2.9 Configure, verify, and troubleshoot (Layer 2/Layer 3) EtherChannel        
2.9.a Static        
2.9.b PAGP        
2.9.c LACP 2.10 Describe the benefits of switch stacking and chassis aggregation  
Routing Technologies
3.1 Describe the routing concepts      
3.1.a Packet handling along the path through a network      
3.1.b Forwarding decision based on route lookup      
3.1.c Frame rewrite
3.2 Interpret the components of a routing table      
3.2.a Prefix      
3.2.b Network mask      
3.2.c Next hop      
3.2.d Routing protocol code      
3.2.e Administrative distance      
3.2.f Metric      
3.2.g Gateway of last resort
3.3 Describe how a routing table is populated by different routing information sources      
3.3.a Admin distance
3.4 Configure, verify, and troubleshoot inter-VLAN routing        
3.4.a Router on a stick        
3.4.b SVI
3.5 Compare and contrast static routing and dynamic routing
3.6 Compare and contrast distance vector and link state routing protocols
3.7 Compare and contrast interior and exterior routing protocols
3.8 Configure, verify, and troubleshoot IPv4 and IPv6 static routing        
3.8.a Default route        
3.8.b Network route
WAN Technologies
4.1 Configure and verify PPP and MLPPP on WAN interfaces using local authentication
4.2 Configure, verify, and troubleshoot PPPoE client-side interfaces using local authentication
4.3 Configure, verify, and troubleshoot GRE tunnel connectivity
4.4 Describe WAN topology options        
4.4.a Point-to-point        
4.4.b Hub and spoke        
4.4.c Full mesh        
4.4.d Single vs dual-homed
4.5 Describe WAN access connectivity options        
4.5.a MPLS        
4.5.b Metro Ethernet        
4.5.c Broadband PPPoE        
4.5.d Internet VPN (DMVPN, site-to-site VPN, client VPN)
4.6 Configure and verify single-homed branch connectivity using eBGP IPv4 (limited to peering and route advertisement using Network command only)
4.7 Describe basic QoS        
4.7.a Marking        
4.7.b Device trust        
4.7.c Prioritization        
4.7.c. (i) Voice        
4.7.c. (ii) Video        
4.7.c. (iii) Data        
4.7.d Shaping        
4.7.e Policing        
4.7.f Congestion management
Infrastructure Services
5.1 Describe DNS lookup operation
5.2 Troubleshoot client connectivity issues involving DNS
5.3 Configure and verify DHCP on a router (excluding static reservations)      
5.3.a Server      
5.3.b Relay      
5.3.c Client
5.3.d TFTP, DNS, and gateway options
5.4 Troubleshoot client- and router-based DHCP connectivity issues
5.5 Configure, verify, and troubleshoot basic HSRP        
5.5.a Priority        
5.5.b Preemption        
5.5.c Version
5.6 Configure, verify, and troubleshoot inside source NAT        
5.6.a Static        
5.6.b Pool        
5.6.c PAT
5.7 Configure and verify NTP operating in a client/server mode
Infrastructure Security
6.1 Configure, verify, and troubleshoot port security      
6.1.a Static      
6.1.b Dynamic      
6.1.c Sticky      
6.1.d Max MAC addresses      
6.1.e Violation actions      
6.1.f Err-disable recovery
6.2 Describe common access layer threat mitigation techniques      
6.2.a 802.1x      
6.2.b DHCP snooping      
6.2.c Nondefault native VLAN
6.3 Configure, verify, and troubleshoot IPv4 and IPv6 access list for traffic filtering      
6.3.a Standard      
6.3.b Extended      
6.3.c Named
6.4 Verify ACLs using the APIC-EM Path Trace ACL Analysis tool
6.5 Configure, verify, and troubleshoot basic device hardening      
6.5.a Local authentication      
6.5.b Secure password      
6.5.c Access to device      
6.5.c. (i) Source address      
6.5.c. (ii) Telnet/SSH      
6.5.d Login banner 6.6 Describe device security using AAA with TACACS+ and RADIUS
Infrastructure Management
7.1 Configure and verify device-monitoring protocols        
7.1.a SNMPv2        
7.1.b SNMPv3        
7.1.c Syslog
7.2 Troubleshoot network connectivity issues using ICMP echo-based IP SLA
7.3 Configure and verify device management        
7.3.a Backup and restore device configuration        
7.3.b Using Cisco Discovery Protocol or LLDP for device discovery        
7.3.c Licensing        
7.3.d Logging        
7.3.e Timezone        
7.3.f Loopback
7.4 Configure and verify initial device configuration
7.5 Perform device maintenance        
7.5.a Cisco IOS upgrades and recovery (SCP, FTP, TFTP, and MD5 verify)        
7.5.b Password recovery and configuration register        
7.5.c File system management
7.6 Use Cisco IOS tools to troubleshoot and resolve problems        
7.6.a Ping and traceroute with extended option        
7.6.b Terminal monitor        
7.6.c Log events        
7.6.d Local SPAN
7.7 Describe network programmability in enterprise network architecture        
7.7.a Function of a controller        
7.7.b Separation of control plane and data plane        
7.7.c Northbound and southbound APIs

Course Advisor

Amit Sharma Sr Cisco Trainer, CCIE

Mr. Amit Sharma is Cisco Corporate Trainer and Consultant at Training Basket. With an overall 9+ years of industry experience, He is adept at mapping client’s requirements, custom designing solutions & troubleshooting for complex Cisco devices management. He has traveled many cities to deliver training in colleges , consultancies, Training Basket customers and corporate clients. He also has a very huge student base.


What is CCNA routing and switching?
This CCNA certification includes Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices, Part 1 and Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices, Part 2 courses made into one. The candidates will learn to install, operate, configure and manage basic IPv4/IPv6 networks. Training Basket gives the best CCNA training in Noida and also provides skills to configure IP router and LAN switch, find security threats and connect to a WAN.  
What is the duration of CCNA course?
The duration of course depends on how you would like to take it. At TrainingBasket Noida, the best CCNA institute in Noida you have many option. Training duration would vary as per the training mode – “classroom training” training type – group or individual (one on one). You can choose and check out the schedule and fees accordingly.
What is the validity of CCNA certificate?
CCNA Routing and Switching certification are valid for 3 years that you will get after completion of the course from training basket which provides the best CCNA training in Noida sector 62
Can I extend my CCNA Routing and Switching certification with another higher certification?
Yes, you can also extend by going for a higher level of certification, the expiration date of other certification will extend to the expiration date of the higher certification. e.g. If your CCNA Routing and Switching certification is expiring after one year and you get a CCIE certification (which is valid for two-years) then both your CCIE certification and your CCNA Routing and Switching certification will expire after two years from the date you got your CCIE certification.
Are the Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching certification exams changing?
Yes. Cisco has included new exams for ICND1, ICND2 and CCNA Composite programs. The updates in the CCNA certification include the latest Cisco routing and switching technology and software, comprehensive troubleshooting and IPv6. Many exams are being replaced by new ones and the CCNA training offered virtual classrooms will also reflect the change. Our trainers are always there to answers any queries as we are providing the best CCNA training in Noida
What are the CCNA Routing and Switching lab equipment requirements?
The CCNA certification requires the following lab equipments. 3 HWIC-2T Serial WAN Interface CardsCisco SMARTnet 8*5*NBD for Cisco 1941 Router and Catalyst Switch3 WS-C2960-24TT-L Cisco Catalyst Switches2 Linksys EA Series routers (2700, 3500, 4500) or equivalent3 CISCO1941/K9 Integrated Services Routers Generation 2 (ISR G2)Note that the CCNA training will be conducted using these equipments.
How beneficial is the CCNA routing and Switching Certification course?
The CCNA Routing and Switching Certification is the gateway for getting hired by fortune 500 companies like Siemens, British Telecom or IBM. Successful completion of prestigious CCNA Training and Certification, from training basket which gives you the best CCNA training in Noida, it will enhance your job profile along with disseminating practical and applicable knowledge and skill-sets which are high in demand across the industry.
When do I get my CCNA routing and switching certificate after passing an exam?
As per the procedures, printed CCNA Certification takes 6-8 weeks to reach you by mail. Check the status of your certificate in your Certification Tracking System. Date with a “Mailed” status implies the dispatch of your certificate on that date. No status found or 8weeks are over, register a case with “Certification & Communities Online Support team” at “”.
How much can I earn after doing CCNA routing and switching certification?
Training Basket Noida is the best CCNA institute in Noida and the prime objective of the CCNA training is to develop skilled professionals who can understand, configure and troubleshoot the Cisco networks and devices across the globe. The respect and demand for CCNA certified professionals are matchless. The average salary ranges from Rs.4,00,000 to Rs.6,50,000.
How many questions does the CCNA routing and switching certification exam consist of?
There are around 50-60 questions in the CCNA Routing and Switching Certification examination, with multiple choice, testlet and drag-and-drop types of questions. The time duration of the exam is 90 minutes and you need to score a minimum of 800-850 out of the total of 1000, only then you are awarded the CCNA Certification. Practical Training is what we offer you to ensure the best of our training efforts in networking courses.Training module at Training Basket includes one to one training sessions with the industry professionals in well-equipped labs. thus trying to make sure that you score 800-850 easily as we provide the best CCNA training in Noida sector 62.
Shall I bring my Laptop during the Training Program?
Students have to bring their laptop. Installation of software related to technology and practice/lab can be done easily.
Where do I contact if I have any doubts?
You can write to us at [email protected] You can call on the following numbers +91-9871930352 +91-9873831930 +91-7291047614
Why choose training basket for CCNA training in Noida?
  • Training Basket’s CCNA training in Noida is designed according to today’s IT market requirement.
  • Training Basket is Rated the best CCNA TRAINING INSTITUTE IN NOIDA.
  • Mentors of Training basket the best CCNA training institute in Noida helps in major project training, minor project training, live project preparation, interview preparation and job placement support.
  • At training Basket the best CCNA training in Noida sector 62.we have Smart classrooms fully equipped with projectors, live racks, Wi-Fi connectivity, digital pads.
  • At Training Basket Noida which considered as best in providing CCNA training in Noida, we have smart labs with latest equipments.

Awesome Companies Recruit from Training Basket



Course Name: Web Designer


DP Project Development  Pvt Ltd
Course Name: Ui Developer


Wallsteps Retail Pvt. Ltd.
Course Name:CCNA (R&S) Program


Login at Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
PHP & HTML Developer


Login at Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
PHP & HTML Developer


Biomax Rhythm Technology
Course Name: CCNA Program


Biomax Rhythm Technology
Course Name: CCNA Program


Desig: Tech Support Engineer


Adsever Media
Course Name: Python Developer


Bingo Technologies PVT LTD
Course Name: Python Developer


Biomax Rhythm Technologies
Tech Support Engineer


Bingo Technologies PVT LTD
Course Name: Python Developer


CHI Network
Graduate Engineer Trainee


Source soft solutions
Course Name: Aws Engineer


Webtech Solutions
Course Name: PHP


CHI Network 
Course Name:CCNA R&S Program


Nine Dimensions Infotech
Course Name:PHP Developer


MEON - Delivering Great Surfaces
Course Name:UI Developer


Course Name: CCNA Program


Progressive Infotech 
Course Name: CCNA Program


Shailers Solutions
Course Name: PHP ( Web Development)


Course Name: AWS & CCNP


Nectar Phytochems Pvt Ltd
Profile: Accountant


Core IP
Course Name: CCNA Program


Tech Mahindra
Course Name: CCNA (R&S)


NTT Dell
Course Name: CCNA (R&S)


Shailers Solutions Private Limited.
Course Name: PHP Developer Program


Shailers Solutions Private Limited.
Course Name: PHP Developer Program


Shailers Solutions Private Limited.
Course Name: PHP Developer Program


Shailers Solutions Private Limited.
Course Name: PHP Developer Program


Course Name: CCNP


Course Name: PHP Developer Program


Course Name: PHP Developer Program


Pioneer Global Group Ltd 
Course Name: Cloud Architect Program


Huawei Pvt Ltd 
Course Name: Cloud Architect Program


Jio Infocomm Limited 
Course Name: Cloud Architect Program


Pinga Solution Pvt Ltd
Cloud Arichtect Program


Design O Web Technologies 
Course Name: Advance PHP Training


Grapes Telecom Pvt Ltd
Course Name: Cloud Computing


Charuvi Design Labs Pvt Ltd
Course Name: Advance Php Training


Nucleus Software Exports Ltd.
Course Name: Advance Php Training


Nex-G Exuberant Solutions Pvt. Ltd
Course Name: Cloud Architect Program


CANTATA Technologies
Course Name: Cloud Architect Program


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