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Learn and Earn @ Training Basket

Training Basket launches its Campus Ambassador Program (CAP) in order to identify young, energetic and tech savvy individuals who are ready to take up new challenges and responsibilities and make a difference! It is for those who seek new opportunities and contain a zeal to actively take up initiative to make a change in fellow members lives in fields of technology and skills!

Who can become a Campus Ambassador?

This post is open for all those who are great coders and are recognised as the leading stars of their community. People seek them for any technical advices and queries. They are the leaders and visionaries of tomorrow and they are always on the verge of discovering something new that would enhance their technical knowledge more and more. They lead people and people follow them.

Can I become a Campus Ambassador?


If you feel you have the qualities of a successful leader and a great coder and can hold the talent to influence a large number of people through your skills and understandings, you can join us for this program and become a part of our clan!

How will I benefit from this Program?


Through the Campus Ambassador Program launched by Training Basket, we all aim to transform those individuals, who have the zeal to take up responsibilities and fulfil them at a given time period, into a better, into a more confident one! We assure an awesome journey with us through great learning experiences, attractive rewards, a decorated CV loaded with certificates and recognitions as well as recommendations from various connections relevant to the IT industry.

Through this program, we also ensure a place for you in our Training Basket Family.

In order to apply for this program, kindly click on this link.




  • Exclusive merchandise
  • Attractive discounts coupons
  • Free early access passes for all events
  • Special interaction sessions
  • Referral rewards
  • Internship (work experience) certificate
  • And a lot more!


  • Promote TB courses and online platforms
  • Clear doubts regarding TB
  • Help TB with on-ground and social branding
  • Maintain relevant databases for leads
  • Conduct workshops, meet-ups, and events
  • Connect TB with the college placement cell
  • Connect TB with teams of various college fests

Innovative ideas welcome!