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We’re delighted you’re interested in becoming a Training Basket course instructor. At Training Basket, you can teach what you know and influence others what you love, and thousands of students out there are waiting, eager to learn. 

Who can teach? 

Individuals who possess extensive expertise in a particular domain and are enthusiastic about teaching and sharing their knowledge with students and professionals can become teachers. Excellent verbal communication skills are a must.

 Advantage Training Basket! 

By working with a talented and youthful team, you can benefit from revenue-sharing opportunities at India’s fastest-growing online training company, Edureka! You will have access to an excellent platform to exhibit the practical knowledge and skills you have gained over time. Additionally, you may conduct your training from any location worldwide. 

The Process 

The process begins with completing a form. If you are selected after the shortlisting process, you will undergo training based on Training Basket’’s learning methodology. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with us to create content that enhances the learners’ experience and makes learning an enriching and rewarding experience.

Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive regarding how to become an instructor.

It is requested to submit your resume by clicking this link of application form below we will screen your resume and one of our representative from delivery team will contact you.

Yes you need to pass intial screening test taken by our team.

Yes you can apply as freelance or full time positions.

We offer an extensive suite of resources and responsive support to help you create classes that inspire.

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